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Cabaillot-Lassalle, Louis-Simon
Caballero, Salvador
Cabanel, A
Cabanel, Alexandre
Cabrera, Miguel
Cabuzel, Auguste Hector
CAD Designs
Cadoret, Virginie
Cahill, Michael
Cahill, Michael
Caillebotte, Gustave
Cailler, Sylvie
Cairoli, Stefano
Calaguiro, Kevin
Calascibetta, Mike
Calcutta School
Caldwell, Rachel
Caldwell Fischer, Sally
Caldwell Fisher, Sally
Calkins, Mary

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Artist Bill Cooper

"Photographer Bill Cooper was born and brought up in London and is now one of the best-known ballet photographers of all time.He was influenced towards an artistic career by a number of factors but he cites in particular two significant events in his childhood. The first was his visit at a young age to an exhibition of the work of Pierre Bonnard at the Royal Academy and the second was the opportunity when he was just 15 to see Rudolf Nureyev dance.Bill Cooper trained as a ballet dancer, but he also taught himself the skills of photography. In particular, he was inspired by Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and David Bailey and it is in this field in which Bill Cooper has made his name.He has held many solo exhibitions, including a Tribute to Sir Kenneth MacMillan at the Royal Opera House, “Portraits of Orchestra” and Photogalerie “The Compaignie” in Hamburg."

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