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B., Mikael
B. Design, Mikael
Babbit, Gwendolyn
Babbitt, Gwendolyn
Bacci, Leonardo
Bach, Marci
Bache, Otto
Bachmann, Constance
Backhuysen, Ludolf
Bacon, George Washington
Bacon, Henry
Bacon, John Henry Frederick
Bagdatopoulus, William Spencer
Baggetta, Marla
Baglietti, Marinella
Bahner, Bertram
Bail, Joseph

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Artist Emily Burrowes

"Emily Burrowes was born and brought up on the south coast of England and began a career as a professional artist after completing her craft-based degree in South West London, where she focused primarily on printmaking and ceramics.Her background in screenprinting has influenced her clean-edge style and her use of colour. Using her minimalist approach, she enjoys the challenge of simplifying her subject matter by stripping it back to its fundamental forms.Most Emily Burrowes original creations are either screenprinted or painted in acrylic on canvas. She enjoys the challenge of looking at everyday items with fresh eyes and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. She spends a great deal of her time outside, on the beach near to her home or in public gardens, finding and sketching subject matter. In the first instance it is important for her to see the object on which she is working from first hand."

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