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G Kam, Jin
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Gack, Jean-Pierre
Gadoud, C.
Gagliardi, Giovanni
Gaidan, Louis
Gainsborough, Thomas
Galapon, Nikki
Galasso, Adriano
Galaxy of Graphics
Gale, George
Galea, Luigi
Galice, Louis
Galignani, Antonio
Galimberti, Elena
Galland, P.V.

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Artist G.D. Giles

"G D Giles was born in 1857, in India. He is now best-known as painter of military scenes but he also painted both horse-racing and hunting canvases.Giles left the army in 1884 to work with Carolus-Duran, a French painter and sculptor. He came particularly to public attention with his paintings of the military campaigns in Sudan and Afghanistan, which he exhibited at the Royal Academy in London from 1884 to1888 and in the Paris Salon in 1885.Giles also produced a collection of well-known coloured lithographs representing military costumes and The British Museum also holds one Giles drawing of the poet Robert Browning.G D Giles died in 1941."

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