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v.d. Valk, Karin
Vaccaro, Domenico Antonio
Vadon, Veronique
Valadez, Robert
Valla, Victor
Vallayer-Coster, Anne
Vallet-Bisson, Frederick
Valli, Massimo
Vallotton, Felix
Valverde, Anne
van Aanholt, Pascalle
van Brussel, Paulus Theodorus
Van Cleve, Hendrick III
Van Cleve, Joos
Van Dael, Jan Frans
Van de Goor, Lars
van de Poel, Theo

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Artist Henk van Zanten

"Henk van Zanten was born in the Netherlands in 1940 and spent the first part of his life there.In 1952 he emigrated with his family to South Africa and this undoubtedly sparked his interest in wildlife. After 27 years he returned to the Netherlands and in 1984 moved to the UK, where he now lives in Gloucestershire. Henk van Zanten is primarily a self-taught artist, although he studied for one year each at both the Bill Ainsley School of Art and at the Johannesburg Art College.Largely working in oils on both canvas and board, Henk van Zanten also specialises in pastel work. He has participated in many exhibitions, in his native Holland, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore and the USA.He has sold work in London at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonhams, and is a regular Artist in Residence. The painting White Dove was selected for the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum “Birds in Art” in 2001 and Ringed Plover Nest was selected for 2004. White Dove was also selected as a Finalist for the Artist Magazine – 21st Annual Art Competition.Henk van Zanten is a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists of America."

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