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Sabine Berg
Sabo, Susan
Sacca, Jan
Sadler, Robin
Sadler, Sean
Saerchinger, Alfred
Saeta, Leslie
Sage, Kay
Saghini, Lisa Hill
Sahm, Hans
Saia, Teresa
Sakai, Takashi
Salemink-Roos, Ursula
Salemink-Roos, Ursula
Salinas, Laura
Salles, Robert
Salmon, Robert
Salvi, Giovanni Battista

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Artist Philip Eustace Stretton

"Philip Stretton was an animal and sporting painter working actively between 1882 and 1919. He predominantly painted in oil and water-colour and he exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1884 and 1904 and latterly at the Suffolk Street Galleries in London.Stretton was working in a convention cultivated and refined by Sir Edwin Landseer, whose remarkable animal paintings had an enormous impact on Stretton, both in terms of style and subject matter. In particular, it was his approach to the subject which caught the attention of the newly wealthy Victorian middle-class.Inspired by Landseer, Stretton’s work remains popular today, both because of his success in capturing light and colour and because of his selection of sentimental animal scenes as the focal point of much of his work."

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