Artist Johannes Bosschaert

"Born in 1610, Johannes Bosschaert was one of three brothers, all of whom were talented painters. At the age of sixteen, he was already painting high-quality floral and fruit still-life images. In these early works a few marked traits of his artistic father are noticeable, as well as the Utrecht influence of Van der Ast and Roleant Savery. However, his flower paintings are unmistakably of his own hand. One of his most beautiful and best-known still-lifes is the Fruit Basket with Red Admiral, which is signed and dated 1627. After his father's death, Johannes was taken care of by his uncle, Balthasar Van der Ast, who developed and guided him, further encouraging the abilities stimulated by the instruction his father had given him. Johannes Bosschaert died at a young age, sometime after 1628."

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