Online Framing

A:You choose an Art print/Art reproduction/Poster, Gicleé or an Original .

B:Which frames do we supply and use for our on-line framing module?

You can choose from the following options of frames:

1.                  Wooden Frames

2.                  Aluminium Frames

Ready-made Frames, providing the chosen art print comes in a standard format, this            option will be automatically provided( wood or metal)
Our ready-made frames are available in the following sizes:
18x24 cm., 21x29.7 cm., 24x30 cm., 30x30 cm., 40x40 cm., 40x50 cm., 50x50cm., 50x60 cm., 50x70 cm., 60x80 cm., 60x90 cm., 70x70 cm., 70x90 cm., 70x100cm..

 The Art reproductions are airtight framed to prevent bubbles forming within the framed product.

C:Which type of glass can you choose from?

 You can choose from the following glass options:

- Plexiglass – 2 mm
- Plexiglass – 3 mm

You can also chose for the print to be laminated/or varnished instead of using glass. With these options the print will not be mounted.
When you have your art work laminated, we place a thin layer of clear foil on top of the print which protects the paper and therefore replaces the glass.
Varnished means that we apply a laquer by hand, which will gives a textured finish to your artwork.

D:Choose your mount:

You can choose a mount for your print. There are several different colour and width options.  All materials used for mounting your picture are environmentally friendly, giving you a high quality finished product

E:Re-sizing:( cutting white border)

Here you’ll have the option to choose whether you would like the border removed from your art work.  Please be aware that this option will reduce the size of your finished framed product!
If you choose a mount, there will be no need to have the border removed as this will be covered by your chosen mount.  With Giclée’s and Originals on paper, we will discuss with the client with regards to visibility of the artists signature.

F:Option – Favourites:
In this option you can put together your chosen print, frame and or mount. This is then saved so that you can email or print your option to use at a later stage when placing your order.
This option will not produce an order at this stage.

When will I receive my goods?

Delivery time is between 2 to 3 weeks, as framing is done at a high quality and this process will take some time.  If you’ve chosen a readymade-frame, delivery time will be approximately 2 weeks.

  • Please note – the readymade-frame option is only possible when your artwork/print falls into the following size bracket:
    18x24 cm., 21x29.7 cm., 24x30 cm., 30x30 cm., 40x40 cm., 40x50 cm., 50x50cm., 50x60 cm., 50x70 cm., 60x80 cm., 60x90 cm., 70x70 cm., 70x90 cm., 70x100cm..

If you have any further queries, please contact us at:

 How much are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges for prints anywhere within Holland are €5,95 (Incl. VAT) per order.
Shipping charges in Holland for a framed product have an extra charge of €7.95 (Incl. VAT)

Shipping charges for prints anywhere within Belgium are €5,95 (Incl. VAT) per order.
Shipping charges for a framed product have an extra charge of €8.95 (Incl. VAT)

Euope shipping costs:


How does ship your chosen art and or framed product?

Prints will be rolled and shipped in circular tubing, framed products will be packaged up carefully in a very strong cardboard box.  Shipments will be delivered by courier.

How can I pay for my order?

As a customer from the Netherlands, you will have the option to choose from the following payment options:  “IDEAL”, Credit Card or  by bank transfer> please write your order number as reference .

Artbol gives you the option to pay with IDEAL.  Which is similar to Internet-banking.

Belgium customers can pay :
Mister Cash

International customers can pay by the following options:

By Credit Card:
Visa or Mastercard.  You can pay through our secure site.  We work together with a company called Buckaroo Payments who will work with your credit card company to provide a safe payment procedure.


BY Banktransfer

Your order procedure by Artbol explained:

First you’ll choose your product and click the button marked ‘Order this Product’.  This will then get placed in your shopping cart.  You can continue browsing/shopping and adding further items.  When finished, click on your shopping cart (upper right corner) and pay your shopping total.

You will be taken through the following stages:

Registrer (stage 1) ( NOT REQUIRED)
If you are a new customer, you will have to first register online.  Existing customers can log in and all details previously registered will appear automatically. You will receive a log in code via email.

Your details (Stage 2)
Here we will ask all your address details, so that we can process your order.  The details can always be changed, should this be necessary.  You will have to log in again to complete this.

Payment options (Stage 3):
You can now choose your preferred payment option

Order overview & confirming of order(Stage 4)
You will now see a complete breakdown of your order.  At this stage you can still alter your order by adding or deleting certain items.  Once you are happy with your order, please go to the next stage by pressing order confirmation.  Your order will now been sent to our processing system.

Confirmation (Stage 5)
You will see the message that your order has been processed.  We will also forward you an e-mail confirming your order.  If you have not received an e-mail from us confirming your order, please contact our customer service department.

What happens with all my details?

All personal details are safe with us.  We will treat your details with the strictest of confidence and no details will be forwarded to any third parties. is a registered company under the data protection act.  We will only use your details for delivering your goods and to contact you incase the need arises.  We will keep your details on record, unless you have opted for us not to do so.  We may also use your details to forward you any updates regarding our products, unless you have opted for us not to do so.

What is the average time for a Art reproduction/Poster?

The average delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks for an Art Reproduction.  Of course, we do stock a lot of the products in our warehouse.

Delivery time on posters is often only 4 days.  If you press the “i” for info, button next to the print, it will mention if the item is in stock and how long delivery will be.

What should I do if my Print, Art reproduction or frame is delivered damaged?

Please contact our customer service department.  Please mention in your e-mail what exactly the nature of your damage is.  We will then contact you as quickly as possible to resolve the inconvenience. Don’t forget to mention your order number

If you have any further questions, please contact us at:

What should I do if I don’t like the selected artprint/poster artwork.

  • please contact our customer service department.
  • please check our general terms.

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