Art on demand

Art on demand

Print on Demand (customized art), also known as Art on Demand, is the process of producing high quality fine art prints, both on canvas and paper according to the specific, individual requirements.
In this art collection, you have the option to your desired image to your desired size and material to be printed. We work with LIVEPRINT and Epson together to promote this new innovation in Art Prints .
This form of art prints is also sometimes called "Gicleé".

Examples of Art on Demand


Gicleé prints” is the term commonly used for the world’s most advanced digital fine art printmaking processes today. The colour and detail are much closer to the original painting than any other technical can produce. The original image is captured digitally and then refined to secure the colour balance he requires. Archival quality art paper is than treated with a very fine spray of  8 colours ultra chrome ink which transforms the image , and creates the final artwork. The inks are designed especially for fine art prints and will last from 75-100 years or longer while maintaining its original colour. Because no screens are used the prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs. Many museums like the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan in New York collect Giclée’s for their permanent exhibitions.

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