Artist Greetje Faber

Greetje Faber was born in 1951 in Harderwijk, the Netherlands.

She was trained at the Academy of Design Artibus in Utrecht. Today,

along with her husband she runs a gallery and art restoration studio called

'De Korne & Faber'.

She paints on panels or linen and add details in gold leaf, silver leaf or


A magical painterly world is created from the source of her inspiration,

ancient cultures, particularly ancient Egypt. In her paintings the feeling of

ancient Egypt becomes visible and tangible to the extent that when

looking at her paintings we feel closely linked to that magical past and

this helps us as we search for spiritualism and serenity in today’s world.

Her compositions also remind us, particularly in the vertical pictures and

through the use of arabesques and floral line drawing, of the Art Nouveau


Greetje’s work has been exhibited at several galleries and museums both

in Holland and other countries in Europe and beyond. Today she lives and

works in Tilburg.


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