Artist Sarah Bengry

"Sarah Bengry was born in 1960 and spent her childhood in Herefordshire. She received no formal artistic training but has rapidly carved out a career as one of the country’s most successful creators of children’s artwork and illustrations. As a child, she always loved beautifully-illustrated books and she cites as one of her personal motivations today her own daughter, who inspired her to look at contemporary children’s books and illustrations in a different light. This, in turn, persuaded her to concentrate her own artistic skills in this particular area. Usually employing pencil sketches and then watercolour or gouache, her enormously successful work has appeared on many different products. She has been awarded one of the prestigious “Henry” awards by the British greetings card industry for the creation of her own range, “Bengry Bears”, for one of the UK’s largest greetings card companies. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, interior design and walking the dog!"

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