Artist Stacy Dynan

Born 1970, in Windsor Canada.

While living in England, Stacy visited a small gallery located not far

from her home in London. The paintings she saw ignited a desire to

be ‘creative’. She walked out of the gallery into an art store, bought a

canvas, a few tubes of paint, went home and – having never held a

brush in her life – painted her first landscape.

Today, her work, which is sold to collectors across the globe incorporates

the influences and inspirations of her life, wide-ranging travels and

friends. She loves to capture unique textures and vibrant colours through

abstract forms and images in fun and whimsical ways.

Stacy was born and raised in Canada. After completing a Bachelor of

Arts degree at the University of Windsor, she travelled to Australia and

Europe where she lived for several years prior to moving to the US.

She now lives in the Bay Area, California.

Through the use of acrylic paint and other mixed media, she investigates

how texture, colour and shape relate to each other on canvas.

Her paintings explore the dynamic interplay between transparent and

opaque elements, often applying her colours in dozens of layers to

achieve the particular depth and radiance she desires.

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